The Company



Founded in Singapore in June 2002 by F. Tercioglu, and was initially formed to provide Consultancy

and Integration Services for Casinos in the event to provide Casinos with the most efficient solutions.

From the time when SeQuaX was formed, we have developed and deployed successful generations of softwares to our customers all around Asia.

History of Director:-

Faruk TERCIOGLU was born in Izmir, Turkey in February 1972.

Graduated with Degree in Electronics from Bosporus University in Istanbul.

In 1993, Mr. Tercioglu started with SGM, supporting all SGM installation in Istanbul and was heavily
involve with deployments and direct customer support globally. In the meantime also work with
TCS in Istanbul office supporting their installation locally. Mr. Tercioglu has single handed supported
Cruise Line customers in Asia for many years.

In 1996, Mr. Tercioglu left SGM and joined TetaBar in Istanbul in which TetaBar won the
government tender to install centralized Membership Control System for the 79 casinos in the

In late 1997, Mr. Tercioglu joined InfoSys Gaming, located in Hull, England and took control of
customers that InfoSys gained in Asia. He was involved with designing and testing of new system
modules especially out of the UK market.

Successfully developed and deployed various solution in emerging markets such as (Singapore,
Palestine, (Israel) and many European locations to Suriname in the west).

Moved to Singapore in 2001 where Mr. Tercioglu had contract with several Asian clients and started
SeQuaX Private Ltd. by June, 2002 as an extension of the contract.

With his strong understanding and realizing the lack of solutions to fulfil the requirements of Casinos
in Asia, Mr. Tercioglu with his team of expertise, SeQuaX developed the first generation of its Casino
System to fulfil the market requirements and hence, since 2002 SeQuaX has developed newer
generations of Casino solutions and has proven continuous and stable growth.