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Compliment your established systems with the innovative technology using our formal methodologies and highly skilled resources

SeQuaX Casino Management System (SCMS)

Orchestrate casino openings and manage the day-to-day operations of gaming resort properties with the most experienced team in the industry

SeQuaX Casino Management System (SCMS) is designed to suite the needs for today’s sophisticated casino.

SCMS is designed to be scalable from edge to edge and fully redundant. The system is tested and deployed in full visualization and cloud computing environments.

SCMS is proven to have the best solution comparing to other system where SCMS is designed to work with any kind of failures and it can recover or protect both the players and casino rights.


Why choose the SeQuaX Casino Management System?

  • Full integrated solution, CICO (Card In, Card Out – Paperless) – Slots, Tables, Membership
  • Multi game, multi denomination (Slot),
  • Supports multi-platform protocol (SAS, ASP)


In short, SeQuaX provides all the required must have features for your entire casino to raise service excellence, boost revenue and lift profitability

Projects Delivered
Industry Awards


SeQuaX EGM – maximises revenues across multiple EGM or even with MULTIPLE PROTOCOL on the same gaming floor or considering with MULTIPLE CASINO. A system that works with existing or future plans
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With SeQuaX dealer touch screens make it fast easy to capture information at the table. Drops & fills, player seating patterns & player numbers are all readily available. The integrated card readers capture player data to help you customise marketing & services to individual player preferences
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Cash Desk

With full integration to Slots, Tables, Fills & Drops your authorised Cash Desk staff have instant access to floor wide accounts and tracking. Individual staff are authorised to specific tasks, and all transactions can be tracked to the individual
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