As a casino industry veteran, Mr. Tercioglu works with strategic level executives to lead and support Organizational Development and Operational Consultation for casino and related industries. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of various systems for regional and international operations.


Mr. Tercioglu directly leads and manages various Casino related new product development, logistics, supply chain & manufacturing, compliance, sales & marketing, and customer relationship.


His specialities include but not limited to: Casino Advisor, review operations, finances, performance, and management of existing and new casinos; making recommendations and providing due diligence as required. Developed and advice required SOPs or other internal procedures for compliance and systems integrations.


Entrepreneurial qualities are evident in his personality and work recognized by his successes in predicting industrial trends. Passionate about Cryptocurrency and the underlying technology blockchain, he successfully championed the integration of Cryptocurrencies into gambling products.


His professional expertise and diverse knowledge in a vast array of industries has especially benefited his clients. Evidently, he brings “big-picture” thinking and unambiguous strategies to his many projects and investments.


Consultant, Entrepreneur

SeQuaX Pte Ltd