SeQuaX was born in 2002, with the focus in the field of Support, Consultation & Integration for Casinos.


After many analysis of our clients targets, SeQuaX came up with a standard SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology, with an extra effort on quality control.



Embarkation System which are used in Cruise Ships to monitor their passengers, also with a full scale supports of TICKETING



2nd Generation (CMS):

Updated technologies and an enhance UI



Game Engine:

SeQuaX developed the Game Development Libraries of rapid development of Electronic versions of LIVE Tables.



3rd Generation (CMS):

A breakthrough in Casino Environment Solution where SeQuaX have created a solution in combining the Casino Environment with Modern Banking System Architecture offered by various global companies like SAP & SIEBEL.


SeQuaX Casino Management System (SCMS), is a fully integrated modules that fulfil the requirement of Land Base Operational Casino and Cruise Base Casino.

The designing of the system is to be scalable from edge to edge and fully redundant. The system is tested and deployed in a fully visualized cloud computing environments. There are alot of fail over in today’s complicated technologies and SeQuaX Casino Management System are designed to work with any fail over in which it could recover and protect both players and casino rights.

To achieve this, SeQuaX Casino Management System is designed with full redundancy and scalability. With Virtual Environment or VMware infrastructure, SeQuaX is capable to service and support different servers without any system downtime errors on the Casino Floor.